Ad-free ‘Personal’ Music Player and Library

Ad-Free Music Player

Music producers, beat makers, bands, composers, voice-over artists, and anyone who creates audio will have a simple-to-use audio player and library to file and organize.

Editable Playlists

  • Add Songs to Playlist
  • Create New Playlist
  • Rearrange Playlist
  • Rename Playlist

Full-Screen Player

Play, pause, fast forward and rewind. Use the scrubber to find the exact section on the file. Save the file to the playlist from the player. Shuffle songs

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Edit Metadata

Tag editor allows you to rename any aspect of your file. Name, Song, Album, Artist, Playlist, Year, File size, Format and Length.

Personal Library

Songs, Albums, Artists, and Playlists.

“Hi quality audio and super easy to use interface”

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Simple, clean, user-friendly application for your personal audio files.
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